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Many of the global public health problems stem from the existing structure of drug development, production and distribution. The current structure is driven by the bottom line, return on investment and other non-medical factors on which the general public has no influence. The particularly dramatic situation is in antibiotics industry. Antibiotic resistance among bacteria is on the rise and more and more so-called "superbugs" take away lives in households and hospitals.

However, the Big Pharma is investing very little or no money into the research and development of new antibiotics due to high costs of R&D and low rates of return. Government agencies are trying to jump start the research by providing public funding but the money eventually ends up with the same large pharmaceutical companies.

More importantly, antibiotic resistance currently accounts for an estimated 50,000 deaths in the US and Europe, which have surveillance to support those numbers, and the actual current death toll is 700,000 worldwide. If antibiotic resistance were allowed to grow unchecked – that is, if there were no successful efforts to curb it or no new drugs to combat it (the latter is very plausible) – the number of deaths per year would balloon to 10 million by 2050. Those deaths would cost the world up to 3.5 percent of its total gross domestic product, or up to $100 trillion.




SBS Platform is a blockchain-based solutions for the pharmaceutical industry which includes transparent financing system for the production of new drugs (in particular, antibiotics), SBS unique decentralized research and development structure, and direct supply chain from manufacturers to end customers, which eliminates intermediaries and allows patients to obtain necessary drugs on as-needed basis at affordable prices.

SBS Platform is the result of many years of software and infrastructure development of blockchain passionated engineers and research of distinguished scientists who have used their expertise in antimicrobial resistance to discover and develop next generations of antibiotics. SBS Platform allows to analyze big data relating to various drugs and to find an optimal combination of existing approved compounds that enhances drug performance and its distribution.

It combines existing drugs with each other or with other molecules and may be used for a much less expensive and much faster route to drug approval. The advantages include relatively low risk because of previous drug approval, lower cost, accelerated development due to fewer studies, and possible qualification for three, five or seven years of market exclusivity.

SBS blockchain powered technology makes possible the development of many binary drugs, not only antibiotics, as it provides a mechanism for finding an optimal combination with a substantially enhanced performance. This approach results in substantial savings on R&D as it uses already existing and approved drugs  and makes the final product much more affordable. In addition, binary drugs may be subject to faster regulatory approval under corresponding new drug approval regulations  in the United States and Europe. 

The first successful application of SBS Platform technology was the development of at least 19 combinations of drugs and compounds, eight of which suppress antibiotic toxicity, the main obstacle for a wider use of toxic antibiotics as colistin, and ten directly tackle antimicrobial resistance.

Main project documentation:

Scientific Content of the Superbug Solutions Project

SBS unique decentralized research and development system

Certificate delivered by the European Commission, as the institution managing Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020:


SBS Platform Components

Transparent financing system for the                   new drugs production

SBS unique decentralized research and              development system

Direct drugs supply chain from                           manufacturers to end customers

Independent Blockchain network and                 fast Blockchain Database System

Dynamic real-time pricing based on                scoring of user behavior and demand

Drug-boxes verification and                                  authorisation system

Business model

SBS Platform business model based on a decentralized R&D structure and direct supply chain from manufacturers to end customers, which eliminates intermediaries and allows patients to obtain necessary drugs on as-needed basis at affordable prices. It also entitles individual participants to provide direct financing of new R&D by means of cryptocurrency in exchange for the rights to produce a specified number of drug units commensurate with the customer's contribution under a licensing agreement (based on smart-contracts). Customers will be able either to sell to the manufacturer their tokens, or change them to drugs, or to sublicense the underlying rights in exchange for royalties, the formula of which will be predetermined by a smart contract.

The production of drug units will be distributed across the globe in accordance with the regulatory approvals obtained for a specific country or region and will be performed by contract manufacturers. Specific region or country for performing clinical trials will be determined by the consensus of individual participants.


Token Generation Event (TGE) 

To finance further development of SBS Platform it is planed to issue tokens, a unit of that (SBSP) will entitle its owner a portion of newly developed and produced drugs and allow the owners to make decisions on drug production and distribution, and can be stored in SBSPlatform’s soon to be released Digital Wallet. SBSP tokens represents the future of public health care as it helps eliminate various intermediaries and deliver the drugs directly from the manufacturer to the patient.

By acquiring SBSP token, individual participants will also get a possibility to contribute to the development of new drugs avoiding big pharmaceutical companies and institutional investors involvement. Moreover, with the use of smart contracts individual participants will be assured that their contribution is used for its declared purpose and no funds are wasted. Moreover, with the use of smart contracts individual participants will be assured that their contribution is used for its declared purpose and no funds are wasted. The plan is to formalize all significant terms, including the licensing ones, through smart contracts with programmed self-execution and self-enforcement avoiding the involvement of intermediaries. The concept of individual participants’ consensus is expected to provide fairness and adequate representation for each interested party.

SBS will be built on the Ethereum platform functionality as an ERC20 token. 

There will be a total supply of 100,000,000 SBSP.



1. SBSP token is priced in $, 1 SBS = 1.8 USD

2. The crowdfunding will run on Ethereum Smart Contract, accepting ETH payments in exchange for SBSP tokens.

3. Tokens that remain unsold by the end of the crowdfund will be saved on SBS Plarform for reserved token base.

4. Participants of the crowdfund will gain access to their SBSP 24 hours after the crowdfund ends.

5. At least 10,000,000 SBSP must be sold for the fundraising to be considered a success. If less are sold, all buyers will be refunded.

The token will be available as follows:

Overall supply: 100,000,000 SBSP

  • 13% of SBSP tokens will be available for purchase in this fundraising round

  • 72% of SBSP tokens are reserved 

  • 5% of SBSP tokens will be earned through the SBS Referral Program in this fundraising round (Bounties)

  • 10% of SBSP tokens will be reserved for the team



13,000,000 SBSP



60%  R&D

15%  Marketing

10%  IPO preparation expenses

10%  SG&A

5%  for advisors


SBS tokens are implemented as utility-token instruments and shall be converted into SBS tokens

SBSP Token


(Migration to the SBS BLOCKCHAIN coming up)

Q4 2017

SBS Token


Q2 2018

DRUG Token


100% backed by physical drug

Q2 2018


Elman Kyazimov

Founder & CEO

Founder and core investor at Biocontec (UK) - improvement of the development of bio ethanol production technology. Investor at SONM - blockchain technology based supercomputer organized by Network Mining. Investor and advisor at VentureClub,, Zirra,,, GetShop.TV. Previously CEO at Organic (Moscow).

Yuri Nikolaev 


PhD,  Dr. of Sci. (microbiology)

Senior Researcher at the Institute of Microbiology, Federal Research Center for Biotechnology, Russian Academy of Sciences. Main scientific interests and achievements lie in the field of bacterial communication and stress adaptation via chemical and physical “languages”.

Developing waste water treatment technologies at Mosvodokanal (Russian water company). Previously: University of Massachusetts (USA), Plasmasol Corporation (USA), Stevens Institute of Technology (USA), University of  Aberdeen (UK), Institute of Microbiology (Russia). More than 120 publications.

Kirill Kulchenkov


7 years of software development experience, blockchain passionate. Last 4 years most projects were in high load IoT solution such as Remoto's Conected Car platform at Bright Box, Honda Connect EU solution. Previously he was developing a system of intelligent waste collection. Spent few years at Bank of Moscow where he was engaged in development of the ATM authorization system and payment systems. At the same time, he started the "Child Monitor" start-up, which, through the recognition of children's emotions, allowed to detect various deviations and participated with this project in the forum "Open Innovations". In 2018, he plans complete his PhD at the AA Dorodnitsyn Computing Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Andrey Nedobilsky


Harnessing 10+ years of full stack experience, he merges deep tech with product, codes in any language, leads huge teams, and delivers huge solutions on a global scale. Previous projects: Kvib.rf,,, РуКупон.рф, UnMoment, Аукционмашин.рф,, Co-author of patents: Device for conjunctival microscopy, Program for the analysis of the microcirculatory channel of the conjunctiva of the lateral angle of the ophthalmic eye apple, Program for the diagnosis of eye pathology.

Angelika Sheshunova


14 years in operations management technological projects in various industries of 3 countries (Russia, UK, France) such as:,,,,,,,, Co-founder & CEO at acceleration program affiliated with Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Co-founded blockchain based platforms:,  Exceptional at talent acquisition & management. PM Expert (PMI PMBOK), 4 BA degrees (law, economics, marketing, HR). Patent co-author: "The method of decentralized data storage based on blockchain technologies".

Karl Javellana Nguyen

Head of Public Relations

Over 5 years of experience in public & corporate relations, intercultural communications, crisis management & negotiations, crowdfunding & fundraising, cultural diplomacy and branding. Previous  collaborative involvement included Universal Music Group, AEG, F.C. Inter Milan, Paris Saint-Germain F.C., Philip Morris International, Cisco, Yandex, Caspian Pipeline Consortium, Institute for the Studies of International Migration at Georgetown University.

Lyubov Simonova 

In charge of Business Development 

20 years of experience in developing technological internet projects, 9 years in VC-business, business angel. Member of council under the commission on the modernization and innovation development in the Russian State Duma in 2011-2012. Joined RVC Seed Fund in August 2016 as Investment Manager. Was a Principal at Almaz Capital Partners from November 2010 and headed the firm’s Internet practice for Russia/CIS. Prior to joining Almaz was head of strategy and business development at Finam Investment Company, based in Moscow, and a project manager for eHouse Holding and Manifest.

Nailya Zamashkina

In charge of Scoring Development 

More than 11 years of experience in electronic and mobile payment systems. COO at acceleration program Fintech Lab. Tracker at Partner at, Marketing bureau "Honey". Previously:  was engaged at Yandex.Money in the development of the partner department and marketing communications; developed partnerships and opened the project "Map of Money" at; launched Internet acquiring at MOBI.Money and some projects at Tele2 and Troika.

Ekaterina Ryzhova

Head of Distribution 

13 years of experience in investment and pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry.
Investment director and CEO at BioFund at RVC, BioTech, chain of drug stores 36.6 and Diagnostic Systems. In charge of more than 1300 employees. In total invested more than $150m in various projects and companies such as chain of drug stores 36.6, ExoAtlet, Genetico, Semiotic.


Aner Ravon   

Transforms innovative ideas into addictive user experiences. He has led both product and marketing at Celltick, Logiamobile, Followap and Cyren (Commtouch). At Celltick, Aner built global revenue channels that spanned 16 countries and grew revenue to $40M. At Commtouch, he managed the custom email product and business, a B2B service with 150 customers and 17M users. Currently Co-founder & Chief Product Officer at Zirra which is his second startup, after co-founding HooQs mobile media service in 2008. Aner holds a BA in Economics from Tel Aviv University.

David Hessing

David leads all technology and algorithm development at Zirra & CryptoRated. He started his career at Bridgewater Associates, where he wrote an automated dividend accounting engine for a $500 million equity fund. He then became Chief Architect at Topcoder, where he evolved the company’s proprietary competitive crowdsourcing software development platform. At Zirra., David built an AI based tool for measuring private company valuations and ICO analysis & ratings. David holds a BA in Computer Science and Philosophy, and an MS in Computer Science specializing in machine learning, both from Columbia University (magna cum laude). He is a personal cryptocurrency investor since 2011.

Igor Kovalev

CEO at HaxVentures Fund, Partner at HaxAsia (a startup accelerator focused on Hardware 2.0 and Internet of Things), President at DI Group (, CFO and Co-Founder at Author of patents: Composition for 3D Printing, Device for producing panoramic images, Device for production of Souvenirs with convex-concave surface of the picture.

Svetlana Efimova

Co-founder at Oz Forensics LLC. Head of strategic and business development on the international level. Has experience to build from the idea or start-up to value added service/product with growing market place, revenue and brand awareness. 17 years experience in world`s leading brands in B2B, online B2C, Government relations in IT and Education such as: UNESCO IITE projects, GlobalLab Inc., InfoWatch, Kaspersky Lab.

Mikhail Samsonov

Head of Development, Medical and Regulatory at R-Pharm. Candidate of Medical Science, member of the working group on medicines at the Eurasian Economic Commission and Deputy Head of the market at HealthNet (the National Technological Initiative), expert and mentor of the Skolkovo Biomedical Technologies cluster.

More than 25 years experience in both corporate settings and startups with proven track record in supervising various stages of global drug development. Past experience in leading and managing 500+ employee organization across 30+ countries, supporting markets with a total value $ 1+ billion at such companies as: Novatis, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and etc.

Roman Kozlov 

Professor, Doctor of Medical Science, Director of the Scientific Research Institute Antimicrobial Chemotherapy of the Smolensk State Medical Academy, President of the Interregional Association for Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. Professor Kozlov is a member of the European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID), the American Society of Microbiologists (ASM), the European Respiratory Society (ERS) and the Federation of European Societies for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (FESCI). An author and co-author of more than 250 scientific publications.


SBS team also includes:

  • a group of 16 scientists,  several internationally renowned academic researchers with entrepreneurial experience of the team management,  who have used their expertise in antimicrobial resistance to discover and develop next generations of antibiotics.

  • 6 blockchain passionate software developers who working under own SBS independent blockchain network that allows to analyze big data relating to various drugs, to find an optimal combination of existing approved compounds that enhances drug performance and create fully decentralized infrastructure to it's manufacturing and distribution.

  • a network of affiliated organizations and universities such as UT Southwestern University, The Federal Research Centre “Fundamentals of Biotechnology” of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Research Center of Biotechnology RAS), Skolkovo and etc.